Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kendra's Day

The Most Awesome Slice of Life You've Ever Freaking Read!

[Editor's Note: I am posting exactly what people send me, only making exceptions to protect identities, and correct spelling. Just in case you were wondering.]

10/19/2009 @5:35 AM- That's the beginning of my day.. I get ready for work and walk out with my necklace on and a hot mug of Guatemalan brew in my hand. It's not my favorite time of year, in regards to driving to work in the dark, but this morning was pretty awesome as there was lightning sparking across the sky and deep booms of thunder to accompany the Doors song that was playing on my radio. (also awesome.. as if it had to be said :p)

When I got to work [Editor's Note: Kendra works for a tow-truck company] there was already a steady call flow, and then a truck broke down! And then another! This is all quite normal round our shop.. no sweat! Basically, It was a busy day riddled with nothin but your normal work day BS so I won't bother to elaborate more on dispatching! Blah blah blah.. play on myspace.. surf the web for recipes.. here's a link to one of the best ones I found, I haven't tried to make it yet but Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Co. makes it and it's DELICIOUS! Hopefully this recipe turns out much the same!

Also found a chilli recipe I'm going to try. Made dinner plans for Friday to do just that with our friends (married old couple, bleh! ha ha jk..) Chad & Schantelle.

Ran to the bank on my lunch.. blah.. blah..blah..watched some music videos. Here's my favorite one I found. Boom! it's finally 3 o'clock and I'm off!! Freedom! woo-hoo

I usually take the dogs for a walk after work down in the neighborhood just south of my place, it's a nice quiet neighborhood, with a view of the top of Mount Olympus and the sound of Millcreek running down the southside of it. Today I cut it shorter then normal and the dogs totally knew! They pulled to go through the crosswalk we usually do, as I pulled to go back towards home, sorry guys!

Walked over to Harmons next for taco fixin's for dinner. I love that store, pretty sure I'm there like 3-4 times a week! Walked home and played some Katamari Forever. It's a new video game I picked up a week or so ago, a totally random Japanese game that is also totally addicting. You can all blame a one, Mr Bryan C. Earls for introducing me to the expansive world of video games.

Then me and the mutts take a nap, and wake up to Bryan coming home from work. We make those tacos together, they were spicy and cheesy and everything a good little taco should be! I had downloaded an episode of Dexter to watch while we eat. We hear raves about this show but I have yet to fall in love with it. I've only seen the first two episodes though so, we'll see. Then we watched Tenacious D's (a band), Pick of Destiny (a rock musical spectacular!) It's hilarious and filled with melt your face off guitar riffs.. somewhere in the middle I pass out! Good night!


  1. Want to keep up my record of posting first (and only??)! I thought Yeah, Yeah, Yeah was Kendra's emotional reaction to the music; I actually linked on to it, and found it was the name of the song! Wonder how long it took them to think of it . . .

  2. Probably not long mom.. it's not the title I would worry about :p Did you like the song, did u dare listen? I thought maybe the lyrics would be appreciated, at least? well whateva whateva i still like it =D

  3. Sorry to say that I do not have a good ear for listening to a song for the first tie and being able to tell what is being said - that is my cop-out for not having listened! But true, anyway.