Friday, January 22, 2010

Barb's Day & Dorothy

First of all I must apologize for being so late in sending my message to your regarding the "leaf" necklace. Thank you Debbie, for reminding me again last week.

I was very thrilled to receive it from my dear friend, Margaret. She said such beautiful things about me - so nice to read but embarrassing as well! When I wore the necklace, I had a warm feeling of her and my many friends. I am so blessed to have such special friends!!

I decided to pass it on to another dear friend, Dorothy. I have known Dorothy a long time. The first time we met was at a BYU football Bowl game in the Los Angeles area. Bob had met Dorothy and her husband at the [Jordan River Temple] Baptistry and thought they were very special. After meeting at the game, we became close friends and we were invited to their home for Thanksgiving dinner for a few years.

Dorothy and I have more in common now because of losing our dear husbands. We know what an empty spot we have in our daily lives. I am so grateful that she is back serving in the Baptistry. I am so grateful for her friendship and love her dearly.