Thursday, October 8, 2009


My Mom

I chose to pass along the Silver Leaf Necklace to the first woman I ever knew, my mother Margaret. I am quite sure that I cannot adequately explain in a few paragraphs all my mother means to me, but I will give a few highlights.

My mom was still a teenager when she had me, so I suppose she was scared to death at the responsibility that hit her as she held me for the first time. But never in all my life have I ever heard anything but love and gratitude come from her for having started her career as a professional Mother. I am the oldest of ten kids, 3 girls and 7 boys. Twice my mother and I were pregnant at the same time, once at the same time as a sister-in-law! Different, maybe weird, but I love thinking about that and remembering the bond we all shared. I am quite sure my love of family came from her. One of my favorite pictures is a 5 generations picture with me as a 2-year old, then my Mom, her mom, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. All the oldest daughters!

My mom has about a zillion friends - those who already know her and those who haven't yet had the pleasure. She has several "clubs" in which she keeps in touch with friends from different stages of her life. The first Club, however, is made up of friends from her high school years. Wow! There is NO one from that time of my life I stay in touch with. I am jealous! Of all the friends I have ever had, my mom is my truest confidante, my most loyal supporter, my Best friend. We've been to BYU Education Week together, been to her cabin to clean (and play games, eat, and go on walks), attended religion classes together, watched movies and gone to lunch, tended each others kids, gone to plays, the Temple, and just recently went to New York City to attend my brother's wedding. Many people have asked me since that particular trip what I liked best. It took me several days, but I realized that what I liked BEST was being able to go on an extended trip like that with my Mom and my Dad. It was the first time, and I loved every noisy, dirty, rainy, busy part of it!

Almost everyone in our extended family is the proud and grateful recipient of a hand-made crocheted afghan from Mom. She gives one when someone gets married, and whenever anyone else wants to buy the yarn for her to make them one. She has several of them up at the cabin to provide a cozy wrap on chilly evenings, and maybe even several extras in a closet at home "just in case." I keep mine on my bed. It hugs me every night.

Mom taught me how to can and preserve fruit, which I have passed along to my own daughters. She taught me how to iron - which I hated at the time I was 12 but (believe it or not) love doing now! She taught me how to clean - really. I remember in our first home she would dust and vacuum every day!

Most of all, my mother taught me to love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has served in the Jordan River Temple Baptistery for 12? 18? 20? years. She is diligent in reading the scriptures, in teaching lessons, in being an example of charity and service and love to others. It was her example of being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, and my attendance there, that provided me with the undeterred goal of a future marriage of my own within those sacred and holy walls. I am honored to be her daughter. She is my blessing. I love you, Mom.

If you have worn a necklace, but haven't sent in your story of the day you wore it yet, please do- otherwise I have nothing to post tomorrow.

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