Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Who else would I honor with my gold heart? Well, there are lots of women who I admire and who make my life better. But Anna is who I chose. Sorry, Anna. I'm not going to be as eloquent as my sisters or mom, but don't feel that has anything to do with you.

Anna is my age, and I'd say what it is, but then you'd all be jealous. Not of me, but of Anna and how amazing she is at such a tender, young, yet mature, age. Anna is named after her great grandmother, her full name is the same. How cool is that?

Anna is my sister-in-law, which right there speaks volumes for her, I am married to her brother. If you know him, you understand. Kidding, Honey. Really, I love him and he's great, but this isn't about him. I've heard stories about how he'd tease, and I'm sure they are many left untold. Anyone who lived through his childhood, and teenage years has something to be proud of.

My first memory of Anna is spending Christmas Eve bunking with her and Emily (Karl's next youngest sister) while Karl and I were dating. It was awesome, a cot in a basement room. Really, I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but it's something fun to remember now.

Anna went to school at Snow College then Utah State University where she got a bachelors degree. She is now back at school, going into nursing. Anatomy, microbiology, pathology...She's determined. She is doing this as a single mom to an incredible 6 year old boy. She keeps him involved in soccer, flag football...I've even seen golf clubs. Anna also works, providing people with their boating needs, she is active in church and institute, she is super crafty (in the best way), she's learning to to lay flooring, she camps, hikes and even runs marathons every now and then. I'm not even done yet, and who wants to be Anna already?

Anna is an awesome mom, and I feel she's shared that with me. Anna watched my boy three days a week until he was about a year and a half, I think. She is so kind, smart, funny, patient, generous, confident, thoughtful, strong...and I mean STRONG. Her picture should go along with the Young Women's theme really. She is a beautiful woman. She always looks good, even after going face first into a rock-and stay positive after. She has impeccable taste, in decorating, clothes, food, sister-in-laws....ha ha ha.

Anna is always thinking of others. I hear of service she does for others, with all her free time, and am motivated to do a little more. One of her cards will make your day and I am the recipient of many undeserving, but greatly appreciated, compliments.

Anna has shown me how to make things, cook things, throw kid parties, be more kind, be more patient, more happy, more friendly, more helpful, how to make the gospel a part of life. Even things I hope I never have to do like dating again, being a single mom, working and going to school. How does she do it?

I could go on and on. But Anna is also modest and I don't know how long she'd want me to go on. She probably thinks I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. If you don't know Anna, and ever run into her, say "Hi". It will make you feel good, important, special, happy.

Thank you for making my life better...happier. Yes, if it's okay, the title of this should be Anna=happy.

[Editor's Note: I think it's awesome that Brandy influenced my parenting, and Anna has influenced Brandy. I love seeing that chain and connection travel amongst us.

Tomorrow I will post about Heidi's day.]

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  1. What a wonderful, eternal blessing our families are, and it delights me to see how we can all learn from each other!