Thursday, October 1, 2009


Brandy: Gold Heart Necklace

When I think of my sister Brandy, I can almost imagine her as a breeze. Like a nice, soft, beach-type breeze. Although I'm absolutely sure she'd disagree with me, she seems to live her life with such ease and grace. Its like she has eternal perspective and so everything she does has more simplicity, but also more meaning to it.

My sister is incredibly awesome because while she has her own children; ages 1, 5, 7 (approx.) she also helps watch her friends two children; a newborn and a toddler, and she also takes my little girl for a few hours each Thursday. And she still has all her hair! I would have pulled mine out with a household like that. But like I said, Brandy is a breeze and after she has touched you, you feel a little calmer and a bit more at peace.

When my sister had her first child she had to work for the first several months of his life. After she was able to quit and stay at home with him she shared something with me: Being at home is better than being at work, but working is so much easier. I had never heard anyone express that. All I ever heard was moms talking about how much they loved being at home and they didn't miss work, etc. They never said how hard it was. Maybe they weren't putting as much effort into doing a good job as Brandy does, I don't know. But I appreciated her honesty and I think I was better prepared to be a mom myself after having heard that. And she's right, working is easier, but I still wish I didn't have to.

I have absolutely loved that as we've gotten older we've become friends in addition to sisters. Although Brandy really always did treat me like a friend. I remember so many times as a kid- even after Brandy became a teenager and could drive- when she would invite me to go hang out with her and her friends. I guess I could have asked her and she let me come along. But I at least felt like I was being invited. When you're a young girl watching your older sister go through all these experiences like makeup, and dating, and sleepovers, you feel left behind, like you're missing out on an exciting secret. But Brandy let me into that and I absolutely always loved her for that.

I've got to quit writing this stuff at work because it makes me get all teary-eyed and my co-workers look at me funny!

So, to my sister Brandy, thank you for being my friend. I know that lives are busy and when we see each other its usually amidst the chaos of all our kids, but I enjoy the time I do get to spend hanging out with you. Thank you for being an example of what a woman should be; someone kind and patient, always helpful and ever cheerful. I really do admire you and I think that this world, especially our little family-world, is much improved with your spirit.

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  1. It is such a blessing to read your perception of Brandy, and find myself totally agreeing with words that express some of my own feelings and thoughts. Well done! Brandy, you are a blessing to our family, and especially to me. xoxo Mom