Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heidi's Day

First... I want to tell my sister who gave me this necklace and started this whole idea... THANK YOU! How sweet you are to think of this, buy the necklaces, hand them out, start a blog, write something special about each of us, and then continue to keep everyone posted on it! Love ya sista!

I decided to wear my necklace to church on Sunday. It's one of the only times I get dressed up and the necklace was t0o cute to wear with jeans and a dirty, holey t-shirt. Then I wore it while I napped on the couch after church. (Gotta love a Sunday afternoon!) Lastly, I wore it to "The Campbell's Halloween Birthday Party" at my sister-in-law's house.

Here are the unbelievable things that happened while I was wearing the necklace: I ran into
Taylor Lautner, who said that I was super hot! Then I tripped and fell, but while I was on the ground I found a hundred dollar bill! And if you can believe it then I was mugged by a gang who wanted my new-found hundred dollar bill and they pulled out a gun to shoot me, but the bullet hit my necklace and ricocheted off back to them and they ran away!

Alright... not really. My day was just so, um, typical. But I'm content with that. That means no drama, no unwanted excitement, no stresses came up. That means that my family and I enjoyed a normal day together, and I love every normal and typical day I have with them!

I can't wait to pass my necklace on! Thanks again! -Heidi

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  1. I think typical, normal days are WONDERFUL!! Unfortunately, they are so rare that they aren't even typical OR normal ;D xoxo