Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Margaret's Day

Debbie gave me a 'leaf necklace' to wear for one day and then I am supposed to give it to someone else. I have had it for 2 weeks, because I wanted to wear it on a 'special day' and I have too many to choose from. And there are too many 'special' people to give it to.

Today was a 'special' day. Lee [my husband] and I went to the temple, then I went to Jenny's [my daughter's] for lunch, wearing the necklace for the first time. I told all of them I couldn't decide who to give it to. How do I chose between 3 daughters, and 6 daughter-in-laws, let alone the granddaughters. Then I thought about Jeannie [my sister] and then Barb [a close friend]. I wore it for 3 hours, and because I am old, am breaking the rules a little. I am going to wear it a couple of more times. I don't think I will be struck dead for that decision. [Editor's Note: rest assured readers, Margaret is still alive and well.]

October 16, Friday

I wore the necklace to the temple today, put it under my shirt (it was a turtle neck) and then in the recorder room a big drop of blood just fell from my nose. So annoying! So I had to rent a dress for the rest of the morning, so maybe it wasn't a good idea to wear the necklace that day.

October 18, Sunday

I wore the necklace all day. What a fun day! We went to Jenny's ward for their Primary program, and then to Chris & Jenn's [son and daughter-in-law] for dinner for our birthdays. When we got there, their kids met us at the door. Then all of a sudden there was A___ & B___! And then P___, J___ and R____ appeared! [these are all more grandchildren, names omitted for safety] Chris had invited them all for a surprise and it was so wonderful. I was just overcome by the thoughtfulness and love of everyone.

In Chris's family they all say something nice about the birthday person and they all did it for me and Lee. Several said they liked me because I gave good advice and was such a good listener. I just hope I can live up to all of that.

I wore the necklace all day, and now I will turn it over. I have chosen to give it to Barb. I love these wonderful daughters, and daughters-in-law so much. They all mean so much to me in different ways. They are wonderful mothers, they are faithful in the gospel, they are so supportive of each other and want to be with each other and promote togetherness with all the family. I loved them first, because our sons loved them. Then each, in their own way, won their place in my heart, and I thank Heavenly Father for each of them every single day. All the granddaughters are so precious too. The older ones now have families of their own, and they have all the good traits of their parents. The little ones are so fun to see grow and develop their own individual personalities. The middle ones are turning into beautiful young ladies themselves and have so much potential and so many talents. I would like to name each of them by name, and why they mean so much to me, but it would take pages.

As I thought of all these wonderful people I wanted to have a necklace for each one of them. So how do I chose one? I don't. I have chosen Barb, and here is why.

[Tune in tomorrow to hear about Barb]

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