Thursday, October 15, 2009


So where my life lacks in drama... Whitney's makes up for it and then some! But you have to know, she does not cause the drama, it just finds her.

I met Whitney 4 or 5 years ago, we both moved into the same new neighborhood. I really got to know her though when we both were called to the primary presidency. Our meetings were always going to be "a short one" but they were never less than 3 hours! Then we were both called into the young womens together. We were both new to the group of women already in there and I was glad I had her with me. Especially when we were the only two laughing about hair-balls on the shower walls, nobody else seemed to deal with that particular problem!

If neighborhoods had a "miss congeniality" award then ours would hands-down give it to Whitney. She is so loved by everyone that I know, and I'm sure by a thousand people I don't know.

Why is she so likeable and loveable? There are many reasons, which I'll get to. But I think that the main reason is she is so attentive, caring, and concerned about everyone else. She makes a person feel loved, welcome, and special. Some of the many other reasons are... she is fun, great at making friends, crafty (she makes me sick how crafty she is), humble, loving to everyone, great mother, wonderful testimony, plans fun stuff for everyone, unselfish and she just makes you want to be around her. I wish I could put into words better the kind of person she is because I just love her so much!

Whitney has been through a lot of challenges (what I tease her as "drama") in her life, and continues to go through them today, but what really makes her someone that I admire and love beyond words is that you would think the girl had a perfect life the way she handles everything. She uses love, faith and her family to get through everything with grace and laughter. She is a shining example for me. Love ya Whit!

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