Monday, October 5, 2009


My Name is Heidi Can Poo

You know how you have some memories where you're just not sure if its your memory, or if someone else has told it to you so many times that you think you remember it? There is a story about Heidi when she was a little girl, someone asked her name and she pronounced it Heidi Can Poo. I won't divulge her real identity in the name of security, but I can tell you it's not Heidi Can Poo. Maybe that's just her superhero name.

That's my oldest sister, practically my second mom, the superhero. Heidi has four kids, one dog, and occasionally she and her husband are foster parents. She participates in their ward, and neighborhood. Has lots of friends, and is a big supporter of all our frequent family events. Oh, and she works out. :P~ Good for her!

Heidi is the kind of sister who by her actions makes you feel like a slug with your priorities all mixed up because she does so much. But with the words she says, she makes you feel like you're doing awesome and she really believes in you. I say she is kind of my second mom, but I really mean that in a good way. Maybe not when we were kids, but now it is. She just has more experience than I do, but in a more modern time than my mom. She is always great for some advice, and she never makes you feel like a dip for not knowing it in the first place.

She has always had an eye out for my best interests, even when she and I didn't agree as to what my best interests were. But as I've said before, things are easier as adults than as kids. I am proud of my sister for learning to take a step back; I know its not easy when you grow up your whole life being put in charge of your younger siblings, then having to realize that you're not actually in charge of them. But she is great about being there for us and being supportive of whatever we choose to do or be.

Mostly I love her spirit. It is calm, and steady and strong. She isn't a boisterous personality by any means. She is always putting the focus on other people, asking how you are and what's going on it your life. I would say that she is on a good path and she knows it and she can see clearly in front of her. How many of us can really say that?

That's it, I'm done passing out my necklaces and from here on out the posts will be from other people who have worn it and who they are passing it on to. Be sure to check back and see where your necklace ends up.

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  1. There are times when Heidi even mothered ME! I remember one time in particular when I was roaring mad at the kids, and Heidi stood there and said in her little 4 year old voice, "Moms are NOT supposed to yell at their kids!" I tell you, it shut me up (at least for the time being)! xoxo