Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Debbie's Day

I chose today carefully before wearing the necklace, because I wanted it to be with me during a day of great joy, and although I PLANNED all the joy, it came nevertheless :-)

I put the necklace on at 4:10 am on Friday, October 2, prior to going to the Temple. I wore it underneath my top all morning long to keep a reverent appearance, and I was able to show it to some of my dearest friends there, who have become another family to me. I love the Temple, and I love God. I don't know which is more important to me, my testimony and love of God or my love of Family. My love of one strengthens and intensifies and makes more dear my love of the other.

Next I rounded up all the grandkids (minus the babies); the two youngest first, then off to get the two older boys. We headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon, Dogwood Campground, where Brandy and Heidi met me with the four oldest grandkids, who were my camping buddies this year! We built a fire - my oldest grandson used just one match (after a few pointers from his Grams) - and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, supplemented by drinks, chips, and chocolate doughnuts! It is an annual event that I love, because it gets me into my beautiful mountains during my favorite time of year - Autumn. We went for a nature walk and played by the river before heading home. A beautiful day. I could only have wished for a bit cooler weather!

This evening has been spent taking care of one baby granddaughter so her parents could celebrate their anniversary, and her cousin, whose Mom and Dad went to the BYU game (and got into an accident on the way, which totalled their car). Being ardent fans and unhurt, they called their older brother who took them to Heidi's, and they all rode down together.

I am still wearing this necklace - it has been 16 hours, and I am reluctant to take it off. But I will, and I will give it to the first woman who influenced me, my own Mom.

Check back on Thursday to hear what Debbie has to say about her mom, Margaret.

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