Monday, December 21, 2009


This necklace was last with Kendra. She couldn't find someone to pass it on to so she just gave it back to me [the Editor]. Which is totally cool, I hope no one feels guilty or something if they do that.

I think this is a good time to explain to- or remind- people that although rules are set out, there really are no rules because no one will enforce them. From the start I just wanted to put these necklaces out there and see what would happen and I've done my best to not interfere with their journey.

Now on to Amanda...

Amanda is the wife of my husband's best friend.

When I first met Amanda I was rather rude in my assumptions. She was blond, and skinny, and cute. Which may not sound rude, but in my mind I knew enough of "those type" of girls and I was sorely disappointed in Brad's ability to choose women (all these thoughts occurred with in just a matter of seconds upon my first seeing Amanda). But then we started chatting, and she was so nice. "Ah flip!" I told myself, she's awesome!

And I think we've been pretty good friends ever since.

I admire Amanda because:

#1- She is so nice. I can't hardly think of anyone more genuinely concerned about and interested in other people. [As a girl I tend to be rather judgemental of other people (i.e., "her hair looks funny", "her blouse isn't very flattering", etc., it's embarrassing to admit that sometimes I'm so shallow, but I am. Although I'm working on it.)]

#2- She is just good. One time Amanda and I were walking around her neighborhood with our babies. And I was saying something about how its hard to not want more things all the time. Amanda replies "I know, I see my neighbors with their pretty flowers and bushes, and I'm like, 'I want that bush'".

No, Amanda, you don't know. Who covets bushes!?

#3- So Amanda is sweet and caring. She is very creative and everything around her is beautiful. She is also smart. She graduated several years ago, which I am painfully jealous of, and has been teaching Jr. High health classes for at least a couple years now. Which I'm not at all jealous of. But she says she loves it.

As with all the other women mentioned in this blog the list could continue. I am just grateful that Amanda and I have become friends (especially since our husbands are best friends). Anytime I'm with her I have fun and leave her company feeling better about myself.

Thanks for your friendship Amanda.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am passing this necklace on to my niece Kelsey. She is one of my most favorite people. I was at the hospital 19 years ago when she was 30 minutes old. I knew she was special the minute I laid eyes on her. She came first and my daughter Molly, Kelsey’s cousin, was born 5 days later.

I love Kelsey because she is going through her first year at college. First year away from home, her first love has just left on a mission for 2 years and she was the first person I thought of regarding this necklace.

I selected Kelsey for the Gold Heart because the day I wore the necklace was a very special day for her boyfriend Wes at the Jordan River Temple, and I was there with him.

Kelsey is a lovely young woman who will do justice to the journey of the Five Necklaces.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joy's Day

Wow, I have just been reading what others have said and I am so touched that I was included in this “awesome woman” project. My daughter is too kind with her praise of me, she is a wonderful example to me, I have been blessed with amazing children. My girls Anna, Brandy, Emily and Molly are the hardest working and most thoughtful daughters anyone could ask for. Although I can’t claim the privilege of raising my daughter in law Brandy, I honor her mother Debbie for a job well done!

I did not rush right out and wear the necklace, I waited about a week and thought I would try to attach it to a special event or person in my life. Such an experience happened on Friday November 20. I wore the necklace all day at work and had a very pleasant day. It was the week before Thanksgiving and I had some lovely George Winston music playing all day. I tried to remember to be a little more cheerful and a little more positive. Work has been stressful and hectic lately- lots of people wanting lots of things done before the holiday. I focused on slowing down (a real challenge for me). Wearing the necklace was a good reminder to put people first and issues second.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


To my Mom:

I love you. I kept thinking of people I could give the necklace to. It had to be someone special, someone who has touched my life. Someone who I love and admire. I thought about my sisters, some cousins, my best friend, and new friends that I have made recently, but I always came back to my mom.

My mom has always been there for me through thick and thin. She has always been my best friend and advocate. We might not agree on everything, our taste is sometimes a little different, and we have different ways of doing things, but we still love each other.

My mom loves the fall, gardening, decorating, cooking, reading, being silly, helping others, drinking diet coke, watching John Wayne, drinking more diet coke, going on walks and talking, doing family history, and being with her family.

The last several years of my life have been a little different than I would have imagined. Very difficult at times really, but through it all my mom was always by my side helping me, comforting me, encouraging me. There is no way I could have made it through the last couple of years without my mom. I am so blessed to have a mother like her. I hope someday I can be the kind of mother she is to me.

I love you mom, I hope you have a great day!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anna's Day

[Editor's Note: Click here to read about why Anna got a necklace]

"Gold Hearted" experience.....

First off I want to tell my sister-in-law Brandy how much I love her. I too remember that first Christmas when she spent the night very well. I actually think about that almost every Christmas. I really am thankful for her in my life. She has been a good example to me of what it means to be steady, loving and enduring. And she makes the best brownies ever! I don't often enough tell her that I love her and how grateful I am for her in my life. I love you Brandy.

I couldn't decide when to wear the necklace. I had thought about it for a good two weeks. Should I pick a day that I knew was going to be hard, special or just randomly pick a day and put it on. I decided to be random and put it on one day over a pink shirt I was wearing. It was just the right touch for my outfit and my heart that day.

It seems like I have filled my life up with busy things at the moment and so life can be a little hairy for me at times. I have kept the heart necklace for almost a month now and I have picked someone to hand it off to. Before I tell you who it is though, I want to tell you how I am grateful for strong women. For the past month I have thought about all of the women in my life who have touched and strengthened me. When I wore my necklace I found myself walking a little taller as if I was filled with more determination to make it a good day.

Remembrance, I think is what I gained from this experience. Remembering that there are good women all around and to try to make my days a little better because of their examples.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The person I chose to pass the cool necklace onto is my oldest and only sister I have. We are 4 years apart, most people would think that we have been close as sisters are usually when growing up, but it wasn't like that for us. We didn't really bond or get to know each other as we should have. She was living her life and I was living mine.. we were so different from each other. It wasn't until she had Mckenna, her daughter, that it made me just want to be a better sister to her. I loved loved being an aunt, and Stephanie let me spoil her daughter like crazy! And to spoil her other 3 children too.

Stephanie is a really cool person, she is a mom of 4 really adorable kids, a great wife and a true friend to all who know her. She lives with the gospel close to her heart, shares her faith and testimony with others. She is a true servant of our Heavenly Father. She's been my rock when I've needed her. I admit, I never would express that I need her there or anything since I'm a stubborn gal, but she would just come and be there anyways.

How lucky am I to have her as my sister? Let me tell you, through each "drama/challenge" I've had in my life, she's been there. I will always need my sister. Recently, she held my hand through a chapter in my life that I had endured. She loves my boys like they are her own, they love Aunt Stephanie, and our kids are great cousins. Her children are so loved by her, even her youngest, when he sleeps over, all night, he cries, "I want my mommmmm"...that's how much love she has for her children.

Steph's my sister and my best friend. I remember this picture frame she made for me more than 15 years ago with a quote that said, "Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice." It's so true. I am glad I've gotten to know her more and more over the years and I adore her.

Steph, I think you are cool..lya.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whitney's Day

Whitney's day with the Necklace...

Hey, I knew this was the day that I wanted to wear the necklace, since I was given the necklace a couple days prior. Heidi chose me as the gal she thinks is cool. Gosh, I can only say, Heidi, you know you are way cooler... I just love you and thanks for thinking of me.

I started the day off by taking my boys to the park that's adjacent to the apartment we used to live at so long ago, while waiting to meet up with my sister and her kids for the scarecrow festival. I loved reminiscing about how much fun it was to take my boys to the park when the oldest was 3 and the youngest was 1. The good old days! It's one of my favorite parks. I chased the boys around the playground; of course, I was always "It".

Next, we met up with my sister and her 4 kids to spend the day at the Scarecrow Festival, a yearly tradition we look forward to. The weather was perfect considering it was supposed to be raining hard the whole time we were there and it never rained once. THE LUCKY NECKLACE! It was so fun to be with my sister and her kids. After the festival, driving home, I was looking through the rear view mirror and watching my 2 boys talk to each other, "Our mom is really cool, OK, trade me a Lego piece huh?" yes, of course I cried!!

I am blessed. I am happy. I am loved. My sister's older 3 kids came to spend the night with us. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens movie, and made dinner. Then loaded all the kids in the car to go to the airport to pick up my husband who was out of town for a job interview. Afterwards, we went to my in-law's house to give Russ' dad a blessing before his surgery the following day. All the kids were tuckered out in the car on the way home, what an easy sleepover!

It was a fun and busy day... I loved feeling the necklace throughout the day and thinking about Heidi and how she thinks I'm cool... what a good feeling. Thanks. That's my day! Ta-Da! lya!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Barb is alone now. Her dear husband passed away 3 years ago. They were such a cute couple. He had grey hair, a mustache, and always reminded me of an English gentleman. He called me Maggie and always greeted me with a hug. They wanted a family, but they were never able to have one. They had a dog that they both loved, but he died just a few days after Bob. That was a double heartbreak for her. Barb will not know the joy I know with my large posterity in this life. But in the next life she will!

She is so pleasant and fun to be around. She doesn't dwell on the death of Bob, or the lack of children. She is sentimental and tears up really easy about Bob, and things that remind her of him. But her tears are brief, and then she cheers up again. She has handled the loneliness by accepting invitations to go places with friends (and she has a lot of them). She kept her job volunteering at the Church Office Building. She goes to football games. She comes to the temple each week. She is my dear 'temple friend'.

She makes jams and gives them to friends and neighbors and everytime we pick her up for something. She comes to our annual Christmas party and mixes in really well with everyone. She is little and cute and always so well groomed. She always wears a smile and makes you feel good to just be around her.

Another sorrow she has is she is the only member in her family. She is from Nova Scotia and goes there every summer to visit her sisters. I know other friends could add to this list, but this is what impresses me. She is such a good example to me. My life has been really enriched to have a friend like Barb. And Barb, "I love you"! xo xo

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Margaret's Day

Debbie gave me a 'leaf necklace' to wear for one day and then I am supposed to give it to someone else. I have had it for 2 weeks, because I wanted to wear it on a 'special day' and I have too many to choose from. And there are too many 'special' people to give it to.

Today was a 'special' day. Lee [my husband] and I went to the temple, then I went to Jenny's [my daughter's] for lunch, wearing the necklace for the first time. I told all of them I couldn't decide who to give it to. How do I chose between 3 daughters, and 6 daughter-in-laws, let alone the granddaughters. Then I thought about Jeannie [my sister] and then Barb [a close friend]. I wore it for 3 hours, and because I am old, am breaking the rules a little. I am going to wear it a couple of more times. I don't think I will be struck dead for that decision. [Editor's Note: rest assured readers, Margaret is still alive and well.]

October 16, Friday

I wore the necklace to the temple today, put it under my shirt (it was a turtle neck) and then in the recorder room a big drop of blood just fell from my nose. So annoying! So I had to rent a dress for the rest of the morning, so maybe it wasn't a good idea to wear the necklace that day.

October 18, Sunday

I wore the necklace all day. What a fun day! We went to Jenny's ward for their Primary program, and then to Chris & Jenn's [son and daughter-in-law] for dinner for our birthdays. When we got there, their kids met us at the door. Then all of a sudden there was A___ & B___! And then P___, J___ and R____ appeared! [these are all more grandchildren, names omitted for safety] Chris had invited them all for a surprise and it was so wonderful. I was just overcome by the thoughtfulness and love of everyone.

In Chris's family they all say something nice about the birthday person and they all did it for me and Lee. Several said they liked me because I gave good advice and was such a good listener. I just hope I can live up to all of that.

I wore the necklace all day, and now I will turn it over. I have chosen to give it to Barb. I love these wonderful daughters, and daughters-in-law so much. They all mean so much to me in different ways. They are wonderful mothers, they are faithful in the gospel, they are so supportive of each other and want to be with each other and promote togetherness with all the family. I loved them first, because our sons loved them. Then each, in their own way, won their place in my heart, and I thank Heavenly Father for each of them every single day. All the granddaughters are so precious too. The older ones now have families of their own, and they have all the good traits of their parents. The little ones are so fun to see grow and develop their own individual personalities. The middle ones are turning into beautiful young ladies themselves and have so much potential and so many talents. I would like to name each of them by name, and why they mean so much to me, but it would take pages.

As I thought of all these wonderful people I wanted to have a necklace for each one of them. So how do I chose one? I don't. I have chosen Barb, and here is why.

[Tune in tomorrow to hear about Barb]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kendra's Day

The Most Awesome Slice of Life You've Ever Freaking Read!

[Editor's Note: I am posting exactly what people send me, only making exceptions to protect identities, and correct spelling. Just in case you were wondering.]

10/19/2009 @5:35 AM- That's the beginning of my day.. I get ready for work and walk out with my necklace on and a hot mug of Guatemalan brew in my hand. It's not my favorite time of year, in regards to driving to work in the dark, but this morning was pretty awesome as there was lightning sparking across the sky and deep booms of thunder to accompany the Doors song that was playing on my radio. (also awesome.. as if it had to be said :p)

When I got to work [Editor's Note: Kendra works for a tow-truck company] there was already a steady call flow, and then a truck broke down! And then another! This is all quite normal round our shop.. no sweat! Basically, It was a busy day riddled with nothin but your normal work day BS so I won't bother to elaborate more on dispatching! Blah blah blah.. play on myspace.. surf the web for recipes.. here's a link to one of the best ones I found, I haven't tried to make it yet but Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Co. makes it and it's DELICIOUS! Hopefully this recipe turns out much the same!

Also found a chilli recipe I'm going to try. Made dinner plans for Friday to do just that with our friends (married old couple, bleh! ha ha jk..) Chad & Schantelle.

Ran to the bank on my lunch.. blah.. blah..blah..watched some music videos. Here's my favorite one I found. Boom! it's finally 3 o'clock and I'm off!! Freedom! woo-hoo

I usually take the dogs for a walk after work down in the neighborhood just south of my place, it's a nice quiet neighborhood, with a view of the top of Mount Olympus and the sound of Millcreek running down the southside of it. Today I cut it shorter then normal and the dogs totally knew! They pulled to go through the crosswalk we usually do, as I pulled to go back towards home, sorry guys!

Walked over to Harmons next for taco fixin's for dinner. I love that store, pretty sure I'm there like 3-4 times a week! Walked home and played some Katamari Forever. It's a new video game I picked up a week or so ago, a totally random Japanese game that is also totally addicting. You can all blame a one, Mr Bryan C. Earls for introducing me to the expansive world of video games.

Then me and the mutts take a nap, and wake up to Bryan coming home from work. We make those tacos together, they were spicy and cheesy and everything a good little taco should be! I had downloaded an episode of Dexter to watch while we eat. We hear raves about this show but I have yet to fall in love with it. I've only seen the first two episodes though so, we'll see. Then we watched Tenacious D's (a band), Pick of Destiny (a rock musical spectacular!) It's hilarious and filled with melt your face off guitar riffs.. somewhere in the middle I pass out! Good night!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So where my life lacks in drama... Whitney's makes up for it and then some! But you have to know, she does not cause the drama, it just finds her.

I met Whitney 4 or 5 years ago, we both moved into the same new neighborhood. I really got to know her though when we both were called to the primary presidency. Our meetings were always going to be "a short one" but they were never less than 3 hours! Then we were both called into the young womens together. We were both new to the group of women already in there and I was glad I had her with me. Especially when we were the only two laughing about hair-balls on the shower walls, nobody else seemed to deal with that particular problem!

If neighborhoods had a "miss congeniality" award then ours would hands-down give it to Whitney. She is so loved by everyone that I know, and I'm sure by a thousand people I don't know.

Why is she so likeable and loveable? There are many reasons, which I'll get to. But I think that the main reason is she is so attentive, caring, and concerned about everyone else. She makes a person feel loved, welcome, and special. Some of the many other reasons are... she is fun, great at making friends, crafty (she makes me sick how crafty she is), humble, loving to everyone, great mother, wonderful testimony, plans fun stuff for everyone, unselfish and she just makes you want to be around her. I wish I could put into words better the kind of person she is because I just love her so much!

Whitney has been through a lot of challenges (what I tease her as "drama") in her life, and continues to go through them today, but what really makes her someone that I admire and love beyond words is that you would think the girl had a perfect life the way she handles everything. She uses love, faith and her family to get through everything with grace and laughter. She is a shining example for me. Love ya Whit!

[Editor's Note: There may be a day or so until my next post as I wait for people to submit their stories and such. But keep checking back!]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heidi's Day

First... I want to tell my sister who gave me this necklace and started this whole idea... THANK YOU! How sweet you are to think of this, buy the necklaces, hand them out, start a blog, write something special about each of us, and then continue to keep everyone posted on it! Love ya sista!

I decided to wear my necklace to church on Sunday. It's one of the only times I get dressed up and the necklace was t0o cute to wear with jeans and a dirty, holey t-shirt. Then I wore it while I napped on the couch after church. (Gotta love a Sunday afternoon!) Lastly, I wore it to "The Campbell's Halloween Birthday Party" at my sister-in-law's house.

Here are the unbelievable things that happened while I was wearing the necklace: I ran into
Taylor Lautner, who said that I was super hot! Then I tripped and fell, but while I was on the ground I found a hundred dollar bill! And if you can believe it then I was mugged by a gang who wanted my new-found hundred dollar bill and they pulled out a gun to shoot me, but the bullet hit my necklace and ricocheted off back to them and they ran away!

Alright... not really. My day was just so, um, typical. But I'm content with that. That means no drama, no unwanted excitement, no stresses came up. That means that my family and I enjoyed a normal day together, and I love every normal and typical day I have with them!

I can't wait to pass my necklace on! Thanks again! -Heidi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Who else would I honor with my gold heart? Well, there are lots of women who I admire and who make my life better. But Anna is who I chose. Sorry, Anna. I'm not going to be as eloquent as my sisters or mom, but don't feel that has anything to do with you.

Anna is my age, and I'd say what it is, but then you'd all be jealous. Not of me, but of Anna and how amazing she is at such a tender, young, yet mature, age. Anna is named after her great grandmother, her full name is the same. How cool is that?

Anna is my sister-in-law, which right there speaks volumes for her, I am married to her brother. If you know him, you understand. Kidding, Honey. Really, I love him and he's great, but this isn't about him. I've heard stories about how he'd tease, and I'm sure they are many left untold. Anyone who lived through his childhood, and teenage years has something to be proud of.

My first memory of Anna is spending Christmas Eve bunking with her and Emily (Karl's next youngest sister) while Karl and I were dating. It was awesome, a cot in a basement room. Really, I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but it's something fun to remember now.

Anna went to school at Snow College then Utah State University where she got a bachelors degree. She is now back at school, going into nursing. Anatomy, microbiology, pathology...She's determined. She is doing this as a single mom to an incredible 6 year old boy. She keeps him involved in soccer, flag football...I've even seen golf clubs. Anna also works, providing people with their boating needs, she is active in church and institute, she is super crafty (in the best way), she's learning to to lay flooring, she camps, hikes and even runs marathons every now and then. I'm not even done yet, and who wants to be Anna already?

Anna is an awesome mom, and I feel she's shared that with me. Anna watched my boy three days a week until he was about a year and a half, I think. She is so kind, smart, funny, patient, generous, confident, thoughtful, strong...and I mean STRONG. Her picture should go along with the Young Women's theme really. She is a beautiful woman. She always looks good, even after going face first into a rock-and stay positive after. She has impeccable taste, in decorating, clothes, food, sister-in-laws....ha ha ha.

Anna is always thinking of others. I hear of service she does for others, with all her free time, and am motivated to do a little more. One of her cards will make your day and I am the recipient of many undeserving, but greatly appreciated, compliments.

Anna has shown me how to make things, cook things, throw kid parties, be more kind, be more patient, more happy, more friendly, more helpful, how to make the gospel a part of life. Even things I hope I never have to do like dating again, being a single mom, working and going to school. How does she do it?

I could go on and on. But Anna is also modest and I don't know how long she'd want me to go on. She probably thinks I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. If you don't know Anna, and ever run into her, say "Hi". It will make you feel good, important, special, happy.

Thank you for making my life better...happier. Yes, if it's okay, the title of this should be Anna=happy.

[Editor's Note: I think it's awesome that Brandy influenced my parenting, and Anna has influenced Brandy. I love seeing that chain and connection travel amongst us.

Tomorrow I will post about Heidi's day.]

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brandy's Day

My Day 10/02/09

My day started slow. No school for the kids, breakfast, laundry. Only my three kids. Not that they're "only's" but it was just us. [Editor's note: Brandy is awesome and usually tends her friend's or sister's kids too.]

Grams was 'kidnapping' the boys that afternoon to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. So, I was trying to secretly get some things together for them, along with another set of hats gloves and jackets that could be non-smokey to take to the BYU game that evening. I followed Grams up Big Cottonwood canyon (she had the boys) and it was, unexpectedly, good weather. We had a lot of fun, hot dogs are always the best over a fire.

We left just in time to get back home, and quickly showered while Karl took our baby girl to my mom's house for the evening. Now the next part may be confusing, sorry....Shane, my brother, took his daughter, and our boys to the Campbells (my sisters), where we would all meet up and go to the game.

Karl and I followed a few minutes later. As we were on our way a car crossed the road in front of us on Bacchus highway. We missed the bronco but did not miss a cement barrier. I let out several really weird "eeeee!'s". I remember what they sounded like, and it did not sound like me. But I was scared. In those two seconds so many thoughts went through my head. "Don't hit the car," along with what could happen. "We missed.", "No! Don't hit that!", "We're up in the air, this is what it's like to roll in a car!" We didn't roll, but my side was up along the barriers for several feet.

When it was done, Karl and I were both okay, just a little sore for a few days. We are so blessed. Was my necklace lucky? Possible. But was it good or bad luck? Good thing I don't believe in luck. But we were blessed. Karl says we must have had angels guarding us.

Some call me crazy, but we had tickets and our baby was with my mom, so we continued on to the the game. We even made it there with a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter. It was a good game, not the most exciting to watch. Of course, I don't usually get real excited about football. But we had fun and BYU won.

It was a long trip home. We weren't sure if we'd get out of the parking lot, or run out of gas first, but we made it out. When we were all home together, all safe and sound, it felt so good. It was a great day. I was, and am, grateful we were all safe.

thanks, this has been fun.

Check back tomorrow to see who Brandy gave her necklace to.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


My Mom

I chose to pass along the Silver Leaf Necklace to the first woman I ever knew, my mother Margaret. I am quite sure that I cannot adequately explain in a few paragraphs all my mother means to me, but I will give a few highlights.

My mom was still a teenager when she had me, so I suppose she was scared to death at the responsibility that hit her as she held me for the first time. But never in all my life have I ever heard anything but love and gratitude come from her for having started her career as a professional Mother. I am the oldest of ten kids, 3 girls and 7 boys. Twice my mother and I were pregnant at the same time, once at the same time as a sister-in-law! Different, maybe weird, but I love thinking about that and remembering the bond we all shared. I am quite sure my love of family came from her. One of my favorite pictures is a 5 generations picture with me as a 2-year old, then my Mom, her mom, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. All the oldest daughters!

My mom has about a zillion friends - those who already know her and those who haven't yet had the pleasure. She has several "clubs" in which she keeps in touch with friends from different stages of her life. The first Club, however, is made up of friends from her high school years. Wow! There is NO one from that time of my life I stay in touch with. I am jealous! Of all the friends I have ever had, my mom is my truest confidante, my most loyal supporter, my Best friend. We've been to BYU Education Week together, been to her cabin to clean (and play games, eat, and go on walks), attended religion classes together, watched movies and gone to lunch, tended each others kids, gone to plays, the Temple, and just recently went to New York City to attend my brother's wedding. Many people have asked me since that particular trip what I liked best. It took me several days, but I realized that what I liked BEST was being able to go on an extended trip like that with my Mom and my Dad. It was the first time, and I loved every noisy, dirty, rainy, busy part of it!

Almost everyone in our extended family is the proud and grateful recipient of a hand-made crocheted afghan from Mom. She gives one when someone gets married, and whenever anyone else wants to buy the yarn for her to make them one. She has several of them up at the cabin to provide a cozy wrap on chilly evenings, and maybe even several extras in a closet at home "just in case." I keep mine on my bed. It hugs me every night.

Mom taught me how to can and preserve fruit, which I have passed along to my own daughters. She taught me how to iron - which I hated at the time I was 12 but (believe it or not) love doing now! She taught me how to clean - really. I remember in our first home she would dust and vacuum every day!

Most of all, my mother taught me to love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has served in the Jordan River Temple Baptistery for 12? 18? 20? years. She is diligent in reading the scriptures, in teaching lessons, in being an example of charity and service and love to others. It was her example of being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, and my attendance there, that provided me with the undeterred goal of a future marriage of my own within those sacred and holy walls. I am honored to be her daughter. She is my blessing. I love you, Mom.

If you have worn a necklace, but haven't sent in your story of the day you wore it yet, please do- otherwise I have nothing to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Debbie's Day

I chose today carefully before wearing the necklace, because I wanted it to be with me during a day of great joy, and although I PLANNED all the joy, it came nevertheless :-)

I put the necklace on at 4:10 am on Friday, October 2, prior to going to the Temple. I wore it underneath my top all morning long to keep a reverent appearance, and I was able to show it to some of my dearest friends there, who have become another family to me. I love the Temple, and I love God. I don't know which is more important to me, my testimony and love of God or my love of Family. My love of one strengthens and intensifies and makes more dear my love of the other.

Next I rounded up all the grandkids (minus the babies); the two youngest first, then off to get the two older boys. We headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon, Dogwood Campground, where Brandy and Heidi met me with the four oldest grandkids, who were my camping buddies this year! We built a fire - my oldest grandson used just one match (after a few pointers from his Grams) - and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, supplemented by drinks, chips, and chocolate doughnuts! It is an annual event that I love, because it gets me into my beautiful mountains during my favorite time of year - Autumn. We went for a nature walk and played by the river before heading home. A beautiful day. I could only have wished for a bit cooler weather!

This evening has been spent taking care of one baby granddaughter so her parents could celebrate their anniversary, and her cousin, whose Mom and Dad went to the BYU game (and got into an accident on the way, which totalled their car). Being ardent fans and unhurt, they called their older brother who took them to Heidi's, and they all rode down together.

I am still wearing this necklace - it has been 16 hours, and I am reluctant to take it off. But I will, and I will give it to the first woman who influenced me, my own Mom.

Check back on Thursday to hear what Debbie has to say about her mom, Margaret.

Monday, October 5, 2009


My Name is Heidi Can Poo

You know how you have some memories where you're just not sure if its your memory, or if someone else has told it to you so many times that you think you remember it? There is a story about Heidi when she was a little girl, someone asked her name and she pronounced it Heidi Can Poo. I won't divulge her real identity in the name of security, but I can tell you it's not Heidi Can Poo. Maybe that's just her superhero name.

That's my oldest sister, practically my second mom, the superhero. Heidi has four kids, one dog, and occasionally she and her husband are foster parents. She participates in their ward, and neighborhood. Has lots of friends, and is a big supporter of all our frequent family events. Oh, and she works out. :P~ Good for her!

Heidi is the kind of sister who by her actions makes you feel like a slug with your priorities all mixed up because she does so much. But with the words she says, she makes you feel like you're doing awesome and she really believes in you. I say she is kind of my second mom, but I really mean that in a good way. Maybe not when we were kids, but now it is. She just has more experience than I do, but in a more modern time than my mom. She is always great for some advice, and she never makes you feel like a dip for not knowing it in the first place.

She has always had an eye out for my best interests, even when she and I didn't agree as to what my best interests were. But as I've said before, things are easier as adults than as kids. I am proud of my sister for learning to take a step back; I know its not easy when you grow up your whole life being put in charge of your younger siblings, then having to realize that you're not actually in charge of them. But she is great about being there for us and being supportive of whatever we choose to do or be.

Mostly I love her spirit. It is calm, and steady and strong. She isn't a boisterous personality by any means. She is always putting the focus on other people, asking how you are and what's going on it your life. I would say that she is on a good path and she knows it and she can see clearly in front of her. How many of us can really say that?

That's it, I'm done passing out my necklaces and from here on out the posts will be from other people who have worn it and who they are passing it on to. Be sure to check back and see where your necklace ends up.


My Baby Sister

Kendra is the baby girl in our family. She is four years younger than me, and her birthday is just four days before mine. There was a short stint where I was a teenager, and she wasn't quite yet, where we went out a couple of times to celebrate our birthdays, just the two of us. I wish that we had continued that tradition because I've always had so much fun with Kendra.

I'm choosing to give Kendra a necklace not only because she is my sister and I love her, but also because I am impressed by her confidence and her love of life.

If you were to take a character snapshot of everyone in our family as a child, then again as an adult I think you would be the most surprised by who Kendra has become. All the rest of us I would dare-say were pretty predictable in the type of adults we ended up. She always was full of surprises though.

Kendra was a blond, smiley, really energetic little girl. If you pointed a camera at her you'd think a director had just yelled "action" and a million flashbulbs were pointed her way. I have so many pictures of her being an absolute ham in front of the camera; pulling faces, blowing kisses, and slipping into different characters. I remember one in particular where she is wearing sunglasses and a trench coat while she spied on our older sisters. She used to dance and run around and rough-house with the boys. Now she just does it with our nieces and nephews.

One of the more endearing things about Kendra as a kid was that she would surprise different people in our family with a little massage and treat every once in a while. You'd come out to the living room and she'd have a t.v. tray setup with a treat and candle and she'd give you a hand or foot massage or something. I always felt pretty lucky when I happened to be the recipient. She was a great masseuse, she even wanted to be one for a while. She may have short stubby fingers, but they were strong and she did a great job.

Kendra is now a dark-haired, sassy protagonist, completely comfortable in her own skin. She has a quick wit and her humor has turned sarcastic. She is often playing devil's advocate and arguing someone else's point of view, even if she probably agrees with them. She has a tough exterior, but we all know she still has an absolute heart of gold. She still gets emotional pretty easily if the right topic comes up, and she is passionate about everything. Whether she likes it or hates it, she does it with enthusiasm.

She is also a great cook. She is always trying a new recipe, and I always look forward to testing these out. For a while Kendra wanted to be a newspaper columnist. I still think she would be fantastic at that, she's always be very smart. As a child she always had a baby doll to look after, and she is amazingly capable with the grandkids in our family... I guess what I'm getting at here is there isn't anything my baby sister can't do. Of all the things she's expressed interest at trying or being there hasn't been one that I thought she couldn't do. If she were to tell me she were running for a political office I'd be one of the first to volunteer to help her; partly because I think she'd be awesome, and partly because I'd love a front-row seat to watch her take the world by storm!

I love my little sister; even more now with her fire and indignation, than I did before with her cheesy grin (which really is still there, she just tries to hide it more). Kendra, you're awesome!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lesley: Butterfly Necklace

I have a terrible confession to make. There are two people who have been in my family for about 10 years who I can't ever remember exactly how to spell their name. Does it end in y, or ie? So Lesley, or Leslie, I'm really sorry. If it makes you feel any better the other person is my mother-in-law (gulp!).

I have to be honest, when I heard that Lesley was going to marry my brother I thought, "He doesn't deserve her". I think I could still confidently stand by that statement.
Lesley watches my daughter on Friday mornings, I think she understands how hard it is for me to leave her there, and how much I appreciate not only the free sitter, but the competent, loving, attentive sitter. And for that I love her.

I also love Lesley because she is like the perfect LBD (little black dress). She makes every woman look just a little better. No, that sounds like I'm comparing her to other women. I mean that from my perspective, it seems that every woman looks best through Lesley's eyes. She is just so kind and so complimentary. I don't think I've ever heard her say a disparaging remark about anyone. I could learn a ton from her in that way. She just seems to befriend everyone. But that could be her beautiful skin, bright eyes, and long dark hair. Can you see why my brother married her?

Lesley probably has more sisters than one woman could really handle. She has four sisters of her own and now she has four sisters-in-law. I've sometimes thought that it must be a little awkward for her to be the only "in-law" when all us girls get together. But she is so much fun to have around that I'm always a little disappointed when she doesn't come. Who wouldn't want to have her around when she makes everyone feel so good? And she just has a really infectious laugh.

Lesley is also a new mom, she had her daughter just a couple months before the rest of us (me and two of my sisters). Her daughter was a highly anticipated blessing and Lesley treats her as such. Not that she spoils her, but in that she dotes on her and is a really wonderful mom. She just always seem in control; that's not an easy task with a 1 year old.

Besides her beauty and kindness and personality, etc. (the list could just keep going) I think that's one thing that pervades Lesley's character. Its a subtle attribute, but its always there. She just seems to have the world wrapped around her pinkie. If Lesley wishes it, the world will comply. Although I know this isn't exactly true- I know there have been some specific things she's wanted that haven't happened yet or at least took their time in coming- but it really seems that she is just calm and cool and in control of her life. She will leave nothing to chance.

Her husband is the same way, for which I'm grateful (this time), because it brought Lesley to our family.


Brandy: Gold Heart Necklace

When I think of my sister Brandy, I can almost imagine her as a breeze. Like a nice, soft, beach-type breeze. Although I'm absolutely sure she'd disagree with me, she seems to live her life with such ease and grace. Its like she has eternal perspective and so everything she does has more simplicity, but also more meaning to it.

My sister is incredibly awesome because while she has her own children; ages 1, 5, 7 (approx.) she also helps watch her friends two children; a newborn and a toddler, and she also takes my little girl for a few hours each Thursday. And she still has all her hair! I would have pulled mine out with a household like that. But like I said, Brandy is a breeze and after she has touched you, you feel a little calmer and a bit more at peace.

When my sister had her first child she had to work for the first several months of his life. After she was able to quit and stay at home with him she shared something with me: Being at home is better than being at work, but working is so much easier. I had never heard anyone express that. All I ever heard was moms talking about how much they loved being at home and they didn't miss work, etc. They never said how hard it was. Maybe they weren't putting as much effort into doing a good job as Brandy does, I don't know. But I appreciated her honesty and I think I was better prepared to be a mom myself after having heard that. And she's right, working is easier, but I still wish I didn't have to.

I have absolutely loved that as we've gotten older we've become friends in addition to sisters. Although Brandy really always did treat me like a friend. I remember so many times as a kid- even after Brandy became a teenager and could drive- when she would invite me to go hang out with her and her friends. I guess I could have asked her and she let me come along. But I at least felt like I was being invited. When you're a young girl watching your older sister go through all these experiences like makeup, and dating, and sleepovers, you feel left behind, like you're missing out on an exciting secret. But Brandy let me into that and I absolutely always loved her for that.

I've got to quit writing this stuff at work because it makes me get all teary-eyed and my co-workers look at me funny!

So, to my sister Brandy, thank you for being my friend. I know that lives are busy and when we see each other its usually amidst the chaos of all our kids, but I enjoy the time I do get to spend hanging out with you. Thank you for being an example of what a woman should be; someone kind and patient, always helpful and ever cheerful. I really do admire you and I think that this world, especially our little family-world, is much improved with your spirit.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Debbie, a.k.a. Mom: Silver Leaf Necklace

I'm choosing my mom first because she is the first woman to have really influenced me, and impressed me by the way she lives her life. So let me tell you a little bit about her, and you'll see why:

Recently my mom has moved in with me, my husband, and our 1 year old daughter. Yes, this is a full house. But no, I don't believe I'm crazy. It has been nice having my mom in our home; she helps us out so much! My mom watches my daughter 2 1/2 days a week. She also helps watch other grandkids throughout the week, volunteers at their schools, watches their various sporting events, and celebrates their birthday with a special outing. She works at the Jordan River temple every Friday morning at 5:30 am! She cooks for us almost every night and provides a good political challenge for me and my husband.

My mom is the oldest of 10 children, then had 10 children herself (I'm lucky number 7!). Family is at the center of her life; as I'm sure you've already deduced, there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her family. She has lost two sons, her second child died at 1 1/2, and the brother just younger than me at age 8. I can hardly stand being away from my daughter for a day, how she has dealt with the loss of two speaks wonders of her personal fortitude. She also lost my philandering father about 15 years ago. I love my dad tremendously, but I still think he's a scuz for what he did. Despite these loses, my mom lives a gracious life. She seems truly thankful for her life and her experiences.

My mom works so hard at everything she does. I credit her for teaching me that if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right. I know from things she's said that she doesn't consider herself creative, or particularly talented. I would wholeheartedly disagree. How much creativity does it take to clothe and feed 10 children on a fireman's salary? Or keep them all entertained during summer days and long winters? My mom seems to always have something up her sleeves to go do with her grandkids. And if I ever need an idea on how to do something (like tying leather cord), I can always get an answer from her.

My mom is also a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Sometimes this is amazing, such as when you hear her bear testimony of the things she believes. Other times it can be a bit domineering, like if you disagree with her on something. But I suppose we're all that way when it comes to things we're passionate about.

I think that's a great way to sum up my mom: passionate. Whatever she touches in this life, she will leave her mark, and it will great.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see who the second necklace goes to.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check Out My Bling!


So I have several people that I'd like to give a necklace too, and I haven't quite decided for sure who the five will be. I will for sure make a decision tonight and write about them tomorrow though. Unless you'd rather read my giant lizard story?

Alright, so today I'm going to show you the five different necklaces I've purchased to start this out with. I got them at JoAnn Fabrics and I just tied some leather cord to them. My mom showed me how to tie the cord so it can be tightened and loosened depending on long you want it to hang. Thanks mom!

I know, adorable right! These are each made completely of glass. But they are pretty thick, maybe 1/4 inch or so. I've posted larger images of each below. Sorry they're so crappy, I had to use my phone because I couldn't find the cord that connects my camera to my computer.

Yes, I purchased five gorgeous pendants, and tied them lovingly with leather cord. And I'm giving them all away. Man, I'm so generous! ...But wait, what's this? A sixth necklace? Where did this come from?

I couldn't help myself. He was just lying there, looking all tempting. I'm keeping this little charmer for myself. I won't even feel guilty as each of these were only $3.99! I only spent a couple bucks on the leather cord too. So not a bad deal I'd say. Here is a picture of the full necklace with the leather cord.

The two little knots are what allows the length to adjust.

So check back tomorrow to read about the first woman I admire. Well, the first I'm going to tell you about anyway. I'll then post about four more women, and hopefully they'll let me know about when they wear the necklace, and who they passed it onto.

Have an awesome day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Totally Unrelated

Just an FYFI (for your fashion information) I went to Old Navy this morning and they were having a killer sale. Besides regular things marked down all clearance items were an extra 50% off! It was awesome! It was worth being late to work for because it was like I had first dibbs, nothing had really been picked through yet.

Love it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Is the Beginning


Earlier this spring a co-worker and I went to a closet sale where Co-worker bought a necklace. The host of the closet sale pulled Co-worker aside and told her about the necklace she purchased:

A friend had given it to her and said she was to only wear it once. Host wore it to a fundraiser gala for breast cancer, of which disease Friend was fighting. Host kept her promise and wore the necklace only once, so she was now passing it on. Friend has since lost the fight.

I don't know what made me think of this the other day but I did. I was thinking of the three women who had already had possesion of the necklace. I thought about their different stories and different lives, all connected by one small, really insignificant thing.

Here are the main things I know about each woman:
Friend- Died from breast cancer
Host- Works at a parks and recreation department, and sold enough clothes from her closet (to benefit the National Ability Center) to fill a small boutique.
Co-worker- Runner and cyclist, she's in love but won't admit it.


So I've decided to start my own necklace, five actually. I'm going to give a necklace to five different women, who I will introduce to you in subsequest posts. My goal is to have them tell me about their experience while wearing the necklace. Whether they went on a date with their husband, maybe something embarassing happened to them at work, or they just managed to keep their kids from killing each other that day. After they've worn the necklace then they'll pass it off to another women, introduce us to her, and so on...

I'm excited to first see if women are interested in even participating in my experiment, but I'm more excited to read about the women who wear each of the necklaces and what happens to them.
Is this a good idea, bad idea? Let me know. You can post here or email

Who knows, you could just be a reader, but maybe you'll end up participating too.

P.S. I'll try to post everyday so check back often.