Monday, October 12, 2009

Brandy's Day

My Day 10/02/09

My day started slow. No school for the kids, breakfast, laundry. Only my three kids. Not that they're "only's" but it was just us. [Editor's note: Brandy is awesome and usually tends her friend's or sister's kids too.]

Grams was 'kidnapping' the boys that afternoon to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. So, I was trying to secretly get some things together for them, along with another set of hats gloves and jackets that could be non-smokey to take to the BYU game that evening. I followed Grams up Big Cottonwood canyon (she had the boys) and it was, unexpectedly, good weather. We had a lot of fun, hot dogs are always the best over a fire.

We left just in time to get back home, and quickly showered while Karl took our baby girl to my mom's house for the evening. Now the next part may be confusing, sorry....Shane, my brother, took his daughter, and our boys to the Campbells (my sisters), where we would all meet up and go to the game.

Karl and I followed a few minutes later. As we were on our way a car crossed the road in front of us on Bacchus highway. We missed the bronco but did not miss a cement barrier. I let out several really weird "eeeee!'s". I remember what they sounded like, and it did not sound like me. But I was scared. In those two seconds so many thoughts went through my head. "Don't hit the car," along with what could happen. "We missed.", "No! Don't hit that!", "We're up in the air, this is what it's like to roll in a car!" We didn't roll, but my side was up along the barriers for several feet.

When it was done, Karl and I were both okay, just a little sore for a few days. We are so blessed. Was my necklace lucky? Possible. But was it good or bad luck? Good thing I don't believe in luck. But we were blessed. Karl says we must have had angels guarding us.

Some call me crazy, but we had tickets and our baby was with my mom, so we continued on to the the game. We even made it there with a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter. It was a good game, not the most exciting to watch. Of course, I don't usually get real excited about football. But we had fun and BYU won.

It was a long trip home. We weren't sure if we'd get out of the parking lot, or run out of gas first, but we made it out. When we were all home together, all safe and sound, it felt so good. It was a great day. I was, and am, grateful we were all safe.

thanks, this has been fun.

Check back tomorrow to see who Brandy gave her necklace to.

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  1. I wish I wasn't the only one leaving comments! Brandy and Karl were VERY blessed. I am sure there more than one angel watching over them that day . . .