Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lesley: Butterfly Necklace

I have a terrible confession to make. There are two people who have been in my family for about 10 years who I can't ever remember exactly how to spell their name. Does it end in y, or ie? So Lesley, or Leslie, I'm really sorry. If it makes you feel any better the other person is my mother-in-law (gulp!).

I have to be honest, when I heard that Lesley was going to marry my brother I thought, "He doesn't deserve her". I think I could still confidently stand by that statement.
Lesley watches my daughter on Friday mornings, I think she understands how hard it is for me to leave her there, and how much I appreciate not only the free sitter, but the competent, loving, attentive sitter. And for that I love her.

I also love Lesley because she is like the perfect LBD (little black dress). She makes every woman look just a little better. No, that sounds like I'm comparing her to other women. I mean that from my perspective, it seems that every woman looks best through Lesley's eyes. She is just so kind and so complimentary. I don't think I've ever heard her say a disparaging remark about anyone. I could learn a ton from her in that way. She just seems to befriend everyone. But that could be her beautiful skin, bright eyes, and long dark hair. Can you see why my brother married her?

Lesley probably has more sisters than one woman could really handle. She has four sisters of her own and now she has four sisters-in-law. I've sometimes thought that it must be a little awkward for her to be the only "in-law" when all us girls get together. But she is so much fun to have around that I'm always a little disappointed when she doesn't come. Who wouldn't want to have her around when she makes everyone feel so good? And she just has a really infectious laugh.

Lesley is also a new mom, she had her daughter just a couple months before the rest of us (me and two of my sisters). Her daughter was a highly anticipated blessing and Lesley treats her as such. Not that she spoils her, but in that she dotes on her and is a really wonderful mom. She just always seem in control; that's not an easy task with a 1 year old.

Besides her beauty and kindness and personality, etc. (the list could just keep going) I think that's one thing that pervades Lesley's character. Its a subtle attribute, but its always there. She just seems to have the world wrapped around her pinkie. If Lesley wishes it, the world will comply. Although I know this isn't exactly true- I know there have been some specific things she's wanted that haven't happened yet or at least took their time in coming- but it really seems that she is just calm and cool and in control of her life. She will leave nothing to chance.

Her husband is the same way, for which I'm grateful (this time), because it brought Lesley to our family.

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  1. Lesley couldn't be more my daughter than if I had given birth to her. Thankfully I didn't, or else Travis couldn't claim her as his One True Love!! The one word that I have always used to describe Lesley is genteel. And I'm grateful she has passed along a big of her essence to my son. I love you!