Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whitney's Day

Whitney's day with the Necklace...

Hey, I knew this was the day that I wanted to wear the necklace, since I was given the necklace a couple days prior. Heidi chose me as the gal she thinks is cool. Gosh, I can only say, Heidi, you know you are way cooler... I just love you and thanks for thinking of me.

I started the day off by taking my boys to the park that's adjacent to the apartment we used to live at so long ago, while waiting to meet up with my sister and her kids for the scarecrow festival. I loved reminiscing about how much fun it was to take my boys to the park when the oldest was 3 and the youngest was 1. The good old days! It's one of my favorite parks. I chased the boys around the playground; of course, I was always "It".

Next, we met up with my sister and her 4 kids to spend the day at the Scarecrow Festival, a yearly tradition we look forward to. The weather was perfect considering it was supposed to be raining hard the whole time we were there and it never rained once. THE LUCKY NECKLACE! It was so fun to be with my sister and her kids. After the festival, driving home, I was looking through the rear view mirror and watching my 2 boys talk to each other, "Our mom is really cool, OK, trade me a Lego piece huh?" yes, of course I cried!!

I am blessed. I am happy. I am loved. My sister's older 3 kids came to spend the night with us. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens movie, and made dinner. Then loaded all the kids in the car to go to the airport to pick up my husband who was out of town for a job interview. Afterwards, we went to my in-law's house to give Russ' dad a blessing before his surgery the following day. All the kids were tuckered out in the car on the way home, what an easy sleepover!

It was a fun and busy day... I loved feeling the necklace throughout the day and thinking about Heidi and how she thinks I'm cool... what a good feeling. Thanks. That's my day! Ta-Da! lya!

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