Friday, November 6, 2009


The person I chose to pass the cool necklace onto is my oldest and only sister I have. We are 4 years apart, most people would think that we have been close as sisters are usually when growing up, but it wasn't like that for us. We didn't really bond or get to know each other as we should have. She was living her life and I was living mine.. we were so different from each other. It wasn't until she had Mckenna, her daughter, that it made me just want to be a better sister to her. I loved loved being an aunt, and Stephanie let me spoil her daughter like crazy! And to spoil her other 3 children too.

Stephanie is a really cool person, she is a mom of 4 really adorable kids, a great wife and a true friend to all who know her. She lives with the gospel close to her heart, shares her faith and testimony with others. She is a true servant of our Heavenly Father. She's been my rock when I've needed her. I admit, I never would express that I need her there or anything since I'm a stubborn gal, but she would just come and be there anyways.

How lucky am I to have her as my sister? Let me tell you, through each "drama/challenge" I've had in my life, she's been there. I will always need my sister. Recently, she held my hand through a chapter in my life that I had endured. She loves my boys like they are her own, they love Aunt Stephanie, and our kids are great cousins. Her children are so loved by her, even her youngest, when he sleeps over, all night, he cries, "I want my mommmmm"...that's how much love she has for her children.

Steph's my sister and my best friend. I remember this picture frame she made for me more than 15 years ago with a quote that said, "Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice." It's so true. I am glad I've gotten to know her more and more over the years and I adore her.

Steph, I think you are cool..lya.

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