Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am passing this necklace on to my niece Kelsey. She is one of my most favorite people. I was at the hospital 19 years ago when she was 30 minutes old. I knew she was special the minute I laid eyes on her. She came first and my daughter Molly, Kelsey’s cousin, was born 5 days later.

I love Kelsey because she is going through her first year at college. First year away from home, her first love has just left on a mission for 2 years and she was the first person I thought of regarding this necklace.

I selected Kelsey for the Gold Heart because the day I wore the necklace was a very special day for her boyfriend Wes at the Jordan River Temple, and I was there with him.

Kelsey is a lovely young woman who will do justice to the journey of the Five Necklaces.

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