Monday, December 21, 2009


This necklace was last with Kendra. She couldn't find someone to pass it on to so she just gave it back to me [the Editor]. Which is totally cool, I hope no one feels guilty or something if they do that.

I think this is a good time to explain to- or remind- people that although rules are set out, there really are no rules because no one will enforce them. From the start I just wanted to put these necklaces out there and see what would happen and I've done my best to not interfere with their journey.

Now on to Amanda...

Amanda is the wife of my husband's best friend.

When I first met Amanda I was rather rude in my assumptions. She was blond, and skinny, and cute. Which may not sound rude, but in my mind I knew enough of "those type" of girls and I was sorely disappointed in Brad's ability to choose women (all these thoughts occurred with in just a matter of seconds upon my first seeing Amanda). But then we started chatting, and she was so nice. "Ah flip!" I told myself, she's awesome!

And I think we've been pretty good friends ever since.

I admire Amanda because:

#1- She is so nice. I can't hardly think of anyone more genuinely concerned about and interested in other people. [As a girl I tend to be rather judgemental of other people (i.e., "her hair looks funny", "her blouse isn't very flattering", etc., it's embarrassing to admit that sometimes I'm so shallow, but I am. Although I'm working on it.)]

#2- She is just good. One time Amanda and I were walking around her neighborhood with our babies. And I was saying something about how its hard to not want more things all the time. Amanda replies "I know, I see my neighbors with their pretty flowers and bushes, and I'm like, 'I want that bush'".

No, Amanda, you don't know. Who covets bushes!?

#3- So Amanda is sweet and caring. She is very creative and everything around her is beautiful. She is also smart. She graduated several years ago, which I am painfully jealous of, and has been teaching Jr. High health classes for at least a couple years now. Which I'm not at all jealous of. But she says she loves it.

As with all the other women mentioned in this blog the list could continue. I am just grateful that Amanda and I have become friends (especially since our husbands are best friends). Anytime I'm with her I have fun and leave her company feeling better about myself.

Thanks for your friendship Amanda.

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